Intra-Company Disputes


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The Tucker Firm represents companies and their owners in disputes relating to the management, governance, and ownership of the company. The claims in these disputes allege that unlawful actions were taken by people who are involved with a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or other company type.

For example, a claim may allege that the company or its owners breached the terms of a shareholders’ agreement, corporate bylaws, a limited liability company operating agreement, or a partnership agreement. The lawsuit also may involve an alleged violation of state laws that govern the company. In addition, the claims may be that a director, officer, partner, manager, or employee of the company breached fiduciary duties to the company or breached agreements not to compete with the company.

Proven Results

The Tucker Firm represented the founder of an international technology company who had his ownership interest substantially reduced in a complex corporate reorganization secretly undertaken by the company’s directors.




The Tucker Firm wrote the comprehensive guide to business organizations in Illinois, published annually by Thomson West.

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